3-12×44 Electronic Side Focus Sniper Scope



3-12x44 ESF New double light option on this scope you can illuminate in either red or green colors 30mm tube size giving you a great big picture in a relatively low magnification great for close shot and at the full 12 power is enough for fairly long shots also, illuminated crosshair has open locking turrents, pull up to move and push down to lock it. With easy re-set to zero turrents excellent in low light shooting larger turrents for turning and adjusting of your scope also has longer more comfortable eye relief almost 5-6 inches and the site parallax adjustment is very easy and you need not reach across your scope can be manually side focused to 800 yards before going to infinity new christmas tree reticle shown above the prism multi-coated glass gives you extreme clarity and view. Can be mounted on higher calibers as well as they take the kick of higher calibers also light at about 20 ounces

Available in:
Milled Hash Style
X-mas tree Style

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