5-30×56 First Focal Plane Scope


5-30x56 FFP diamond clear image. Long eye relief. First focal plane etched MPX 1 glass reticle with German Tech Schott glass for maximum clarity. Turrent lock, pull up to move the reticle, push down to lock it. One-click is 1/10 mil adjustment. 30mm monotube. Illumination in red color. Side focus from 10 yards to infinity with heavy-duty pop-up lens caps. Honeycomb sunshade along with 3-inch long sunshade. With H.D. Rings. Larger adjustable objective turning wheel included along with insert for easy zooming excellent for longer distance shooters including 50 caliber rifles, 338 lapuas and so on comes with X-mas tree reticle for easy modern-day shooters very popular with military-grade rifles

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