LS-CL7-G Green laser and Holster


LS-CL7-G special magnetic induction heavy duty green laser with strobe flashlight, the flashlight is about 135 lumens. Made from high strength aircraft-grade aluminum (6061), on/off buttons located on either side of unit instead of slide on/off, self-latching and release button of battery compartment door, also has a separate connector for remote pressure switch. Has three positions: flashlight, green laser, or both light and laser, adjusted separately on the unit by the buttons, when you have the laser and light on, insert it into the holster and the magnetic induction will turn off your unit. It will stay in the off position until you remove it from the holster where it will come on automatically in the position that you inserted it into the holster.

Brand new concept for fast shooting, and for police and guard personnel, where fast response is needed.

Unit comes with magnetic induction heavy duty holster

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