RD 40-333 1x22x33 Electro Dot Sight


RD 40-333 1x22x33 Electro Dot sight this sight is ideal for hunters and competitors requiring a rapid target acquisition sight, without magnification. The garget appears immediately in the large window. The electro dot sight feature four (4) illuminated reticles allowing the user to choose the style they prefer at any time. The brightness is adjusted by a knob on the top that allows you to adjust from intensity 1 to intensity 3 the brightest. The electro dot sigh is a compact 80mm wide and features integral mounts also. The window is 22mm x 33mm with a field of view at 100M of 15.8 This electro do with all the various adjustments, crosshair selections make a great combination with your pistol, rifle, shotgun, or whatever else you own. Illuminated in either red or green

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